Environment Safety Solution
Our system is a complete pollution free and eco friendly will help the all developed and developing countries customers to reduce the risk and get easy approval from the government authorities.  Our system will maintain high standards values of gas emission, maintain recycled water pH value with an acceptable limit; controlled noise level and haven’t any third solid waste material which is a total solution for the environment.
The new technology and system will helps to arrest bad smell (melting smell), no smoke, no toxic gas through chimney, emission /exhaust gas values less and no water pollution. 
The extracted water during processing will be reused for the plant cooling purpose.
The system functions are quiet with less movable mechanical parts. Therefore it could obtain noise limit permission easily from any country local authorities worldwide.
Plant Safety Performance

Special low-temperature catalytic cracking reverse process can crack the raw material completely at lower temperature. Moreover it can make the raw material be heated evenly, so the safety performance of the equipment is improved greatly, and there is no operational risk at all. The airtight performance is perfect; there is no smoke, no smell and no leakage during the production process. The equipment works in normal pressure, so the Safety performance is very good. The equipment has automatic decompression device and anti-backfire device, so it is impossible to explode and without potential risk. Automatic warning and auto cut system for automatic equipment will helps in case the reactor is overheated, and it can be monitored on the control panel.

Operational Safety Tips
Trained staff to operate and monitor plant.
Safety inductions to be done before appoint the duty.
Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPP).
Prohibit smoking, mobile phone and  hot works during plant operation
Tool Box meeting conducted on weekly basis
Maintain and record daily routine plant inspection
Maintain weekly check list and log sheet and witnessed by Safety/Maintenance in charge.
Periodic Plant Maintenance should be done as per plant recommendations and log record to maintain.
Safety/production in charge monitor daily HSE system
Follow the SAFETY regulations insisted by the local safety and environmental authorities.