Efficient Pyrolysis Plant

Our philosophy is to provide value driven engineering services for the facilities we design and construct, and to match the equipment with the anticipated future needs of our clients. Each project is unique in its requirements, which is why we believe that as much flexibility as possible should be built into our projects.

Plant Models
We have various capacity available to meets the client’s requirement and will be classified in accordance with the type of the plant and the quality of the products.
For a developed and developing countries, we introduce eco friendly fully automatic continuous process system with various capacities and also design as per the client’s requirement. 

Plant Life

Special anti-corrosion structure with less movable parts, less mechanical failure as well as lower wear and tear makes the usable life of the equipment lasting 16 +years if proper maintenance done properly.  System uses the world's most advanced materials and processes. After being treated by a special process, the usable life of equipment can be 10 times of other system. Moreover the pyrolysis is reverse process, the temperature is lower than the operating temperature of the device itself, and the raw material is heated evenly, so that the usable life of equipment has longer lifetime.

Our system introduce the ¨Mechanical Close Loop System¨ where the plant works with less movable parts, less mechanical failure as well as lower wear and tear   with lower maintenance of mechanical parts which economical benefits to our clients to during the maintenance periods.
Spare parts: All equipments spare parts are locally available and maintenance is easy too...
Every Six months shutdown required for the full overall inspection and maintenance for a period of maximum 2 to 3 days.

Space Requirement
The plant area compare with the other technology is very less and it will help the client to reduce the initial investment.  The plant size is established in accordance with the feeding raw material capacity and type of process. Please follow the below shed size:
Capacity ≤05MT; Length: 40m, Width: 12m, Height: 6m
Capacity ≤10MT; Length: 40m, Width: 18m, Height: 6m
Capacity ≤ 20MT; Length: 40m, Width: 25m, Height: 6m


Automatic Model Features
  1. Control panel consists of Automation computerized monitor and also manual button (both) system to operate.
  2. The system will automatically cutoff incase any fault occur by the operator while operation. Safety alarm available in this system helps incase any fault occur by the operator while operation and can shutdown the system manually.
  3. Reactor, Reaction vessels, Distillation vessels temperature gauges monitored and controlled by computerized control panel to maintain the system.
  4. Feeding of raw materials and Discharging of by-products monitored through the computerized control panel to maintain the system.
  5. Operators require 1 ~ 3 number/Shift exclude the feeders, shedder operators, products/byproducts collection team.
  6. Total labors to operate whole system shall be 3 ~ 5 numbers/shift.
  7. The system needs shredder machine to shredder raw materials (plastic/tyre) to achieve the size of ≤50x50mm and for feeding conveyors inlet and outlet raw materials.