SALTECH is intent on maximizing the recovery of materials and ensuring that they are moved to their highest and best use. As a comprehensive solutions provider, design systems which are capable of significant recovery of commodities that would normally end up in a landfill, including the recovery of materials from mixed solid waste streams as the "front-end" waste processing, to the complex "back-end" segregation of compost to optimize value. The new systems are designed to optimize the recovery of valuable materials, consequently generating greater value by increasing recoverable volumes and enhancing the quality of that material. 

Product Marketing Strategy

The fuels are high demand and growing up day to day.  Pyrolysis fuels and by products can sell in local market easily with a compatible price than the petroleum products price which is prevailing.  

Project Cost & ROI

The project cost is contemptible compare with the other technology. It can implement government bodies, private sectors, and entrepreneur under small, medium and large scale units. The Return of Investment shall be minimum years so the entrepreneur will get high benefit and minimum risk.


*Twelve months warranty will provide from date of commissioning of the supplied equipments.

*Conditions Apply